Faye’s scared witless as she goes into labour and screams at Craig to find her Mum. As Craig searches in vain for Anna, Sophie’s horrified to find Faye on all fours and clearly in pain. As Owen and Anna head home, Craig drags them to the corner shop flat. Owen and Anna are shocked to the core to find Faye giving birth when Sophie assures them she’s called an ambulance.

Callum pulls up next to Bethany and Sarah orders her into the car. Dropping them back at No 8, Callum invites Sarah out for a drink. Furious to see Callum chatting up his sister, David warns Sarah to stay away.

Carla tries to thrash out a business deal with Mr Hanlon in the bistro, but when he admits he just wants a free dinner, she storms out. But Carla’s taken aback when she gets a call from Mr Hanlon to tell her how impressed he is by her no nonsense approach.

Tony’s had enough and tells a speechless Tracy it’s over for good when she continues to wind him up.