Holby’s Faye and Joseph haven’t exactly been enjoying a honeymoon period since their wedding earlier this year. Following Joseph’s discovery that Faye kissed his colleague Linden on their wedding day, she’s been as popular as swine flu. Though Faye’s been putting in effort to reunite with Joseph, all her thoughts turned to her disabled son Archie when he is rushed in to the hospital.

Needing an emergency procedure, Linden steps in to help but Joseph is determined to assist, despite Linden questioning the ethics. With Archie stabilised, Faye is left alone with her son while Joseph and Linden do battle once more. Away from Archie, Joseph demands the truth about the wedding day kiss, not realising that Archie’s taken a turn for the worse. As Joseph and Linden row, Elliot is forced to step in and save Faye’s son.

Despite her annoyance at Joseph’s disappearing act, Faye is relieved when Joseph returns and, satisfied that Linden is to blame for the kiss, vows to stay loyal to both Faye and Archie. As Archie looks to be on the mend, can the family be happy together?

Meanwhile, Maria is offered one last chance to save her from paralysis – an operation that only has a 50 per cent chance of survival. Desperate to walk again, Maria decides to have the op.

Also, Jac’s dodgy dealings with a local reporter come back to haunt her when Ric discovers that it was her who sold him out.