Will Finn give Emma a second chance?

Now that he knows the truth about Emma, Finn wants nothing to do with her. What’s more, he can’t understand why his dad James has been so forgiving. After all, she did almost kill Ross! James tries to reason with Finn and suggests that he should give his mum another chance. Will James manage to talk Finn round?
After Belle pretends to take a pill but discards it, a concerned Lisa has a small attack of angina at work. Later, after she sees how her troubles are taking a toll on her mum’s health, Belle creeps out of the house in the dead of night with a bag over her shoulder. Although she doesn’t really want to go, it seems ‘Gemma’ has left her with no other choice…
Lachlan has well and truly got his feet under the table at the Metcalfes’ place, and is relishing the attention he’s getting from Alicia, but how does David feel about it? Meanwhile, Val has go at Adam about the scrapyard.