Will Finn take revenge?

Finn wakes up in hospital and starts his next plan of attack

Finn has regained consciousness and is already planning his next steps of revenge. Mark pays him a visit and tells him that Xanthe has a recording of him confessing to all his crimes. Mark tries to convince Finn to admit to his crimes, but he plays dumb and denies all knowledge of the terrible things he has down. Later, Xanthe is distraught when she finds out that Finn is conscious, so Elly takes matters into her own hands.

Steph is worried about Leo’s unofficial guest, who is staying at the motel. Leo tries to reassure her that she has nothing to worry about, but neither she or Paul are convinced…

Sonya is fragile after her brush with the law and tries to convince Toadie to let her look after Nell for the night. Toadie refuses and heads home alone, as Sonya faces the temptation of alcohol.