Will Fiz agree to move in with Tyrone?

As Tyrone cares for the injured racing pigeon, it brings back memories of Jack and a sense of contentment he again feels in his life with Fiz. Caught up in the emotion, Fiz has news for Tyrone and agrees to move in with him.

Stella’s in self-destruct mode as she seeks some comfort at the bottom of a bottle. Jason and Dev refuse to accept that she’s in any way to blame for Karl’s wrongdoing but breaking down Stella doesn’t think she deserves their compassion. At her lowest ebb Stella is on a downward spiral.

Sally plays it cool with Tim when she sees him in the pub. In a convincing display she assures him they’re just two people having fun. Delighted to hear this, Tim sets about winning her round again and Sally soon succumbs to his charms.

Also, As Fiz takes an exhausted Hayley back to the cafe Roy floods with worry. Hayley’s desperate to get back on her feet and is frustrated she isn’t up to it yet but has to accept her limitations.