Will Fiz and Tyrone flee the country?

Having fled the street with his daughter, Tyrone, Fiz, Hope and Ruby are holed up in a B&B in Wales. Tyrone’s desperate to get out of the country, and asks Fiz to call Chesney for his help, but as the police step up the search for them Fiz starts to worry about the futility of their plan. Meanwhile, Kirsty agrees to do a public appeal for baby Ruby.

Having lied to Anna about her meetings with real dad Tim, Faye’s relationship with her adoptive mum is floundering. Izzy and Gary take Faye to the cinema to cheer her up. But when she gives them the slip to see Tim again Anna starts to panic.

When Sylvia makes out she’s lost her watch and then says she’s got an appointment in town, but refuses to elaborate, Roy is deeply concerned about her erratic behaviour.

Also, Beth and Kirk are excited about moving into the butcher’s shop flat; Gail decides to play Kylie and David at their own game.