Will Fiz lie for John?

John goes into hiding and with him still at large detectives talk to a broken Fiz. She denies any knowledge of John’s crimes, omitting to mention she knew John was posing as Colin Fishwick and that she found him with his body.

With Max staying where he is and Tracy’s threat neutralised Steve and Becky look to the future. But Kylie and David have called social services and as Kylie reveals the truth about how she sold Max and now isn’t allowed to see him, the tables turn. Becky’s heart sinks as social services swoop and she realises the illegal nature of their transaction. It’s her darkest hour as she waits to see whether Max will remain on the street.

Fiz feels guilty about lying to police and worries they don’t believe her story Meanwhile, as Fiz faces a night alone with Hope, she locks up the house. But she is concerned she hasn’t done enough to keep John away.

Also, Graeme’s hurt as Xin prepares to leave. She insists Graeme talks about the night they spent together, claiming she knows he felt a connection. How will Graeme react?

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