Will Fiz profit from Joy’s death?

Fiz is downbeat as the reality of Hope’s situation sinks in. With no light at the end of the tunnel she plays a waiting game, but when the car packs in it highlights the financial pressure she is under. The factory staff have a whip round, but it’s a drop in the ocean and Fiz knows it. John’s at rock bottom too and shows no signs of being discharged soon. When a man knocks at the door revealing he’s here about the death of Joy Fishwick it looks like the game is up.

As Peter apologises to Leanne for his recent behaviour he admits he’s frustrated that he hasn’t been able to consummate their marriage. His mood worsens when Dr Carter admits his nerve damage may never recover. Alone Peter battles his demons, but when Carla catches him with a bag containing alcohol she’s aghast and tries to help him.

The Windasses are making progress with Faye as they visit again. But when their social worker reveals the panel will have to reassess their decision in light of Gary’s arrest by the police they worry. They wonder if Gary has blown their chances of adopting Faye.

Also, Claudia’s having doubts about her relationship with Marc.

*Second episode, 8.30pm*

The solicitor tells Fiz that Colin Fishwick is the sole beneficiary of Joy’s will, but Fiz insists they’re not interested. Baffled, the solicitor leaves, giving her his card in case they change their mind. At the hospital Chesney explains to Fiz how he’s going to help them keep their heads above water financially. Feeling guilty, Fiz confesses about the solicitor’s visit and it seems the idea of inheriting the significant amount of money might be starting to tempt her.

When Carla questions Nick about Peter’s drinking he feigns surprise, but claims she should tell Leanne. As he pushes her the penny drops – Nick would love her to tell Leanne, leaving the way clear for him! After another row Leanne heads to the pub where she finds herself opening up to Nick. Watching on, Audrey can see Nick’s still got feelings for Leanne and hopes he’ll not get his heart broken.

Sally offers to pay Eddie to put off the potential house buyers, but Eddie’s unsure whether he can go that far.

Also, Claudia brings Marc to the Rovers, but he seems to take a shine to Audrey; Gary asks Izzy if he can move in with her, though Owen’s instantly against it.

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