John is surprised and grateful when Fiz offers to go to his gran’s funeral with him. After an emotionally tough day, John tells Fiz that she couldn’t have got through it without her. John and Fiz go back to his gran’s house to check that everything is OK and John confesses to Fiz that he deeply regrets ruining their relationship. Fiz lets her guard down and they share a passionate kiss…

Liam has a lot of making up to do with Maria after turning down her advances the night before but he can’t get Carla out of his head. Tom has noticed the atmosphere between Liam and Carla and guesses that the pair have history. Tom decides to wind up Liam and tells him that he fancies his chances with Carla. Liam refuses to take the bait, but he’s riled when he sees Tom flirting with Carla in the Rovers.

Abi finds out that the injuries to her eye will mean she will be confined to a desk job and she tells Mel that she may quit the police. Mel is horrified and blames herself for ruining Abi’s career.

Also, Amber comforts Darryl when he has a set-to with Teresa.