Will Fletch lose his job?

Tess is horrified when she arrives at the ED to discover patient Peter Trenton very nearly died after being given a potassium drip instead of a saline one.

Tess knows she put up the drip just before she finished her shift, so is confused when Zoe tells her Fletch made the mistake. When Zoe puts Tess in charge of a formal investigation, it doesn’t take Tess long to work out former lover Fletch has deliberately covered up her almost fatal error, blaming himself for her distraction as she’d just discovered his wife, Natalie, is pregnant.

The pair have a heart-to-heart about his failing marriage and reasons for taking the blame. But will she let him take the rap, and ruin his career for her?

Elsewhere, Robyn and Jamie witness the effects of a batch of bad pills after a night out.

Later, Robyn ends up asking her musician stepbrother Max – who helps the team find the source of the pills – stay with her and Jamie, until he recovers from a hand injury.

Meanwhile, Lily has a very clear recollection of events surrounding Peter Trenton’s near-death experience – will Tess and Fletch be rumbled?

Guest stars this week include Irish actress (The Clinic, Raw) Kelly Gough, who plays heavily pregnant Sylvie caught up in a road traffic accident with her sister’s husband Gavin (EastEnders’ Neil McDermott). Hollyoaks’ Helen Russell Clark also stars as band groupie, Jade, who suffers a drug overdose. Jamie Davis joins the show as Max.