Imogen goes on a date with Forrest, when Josh calls him telling him that Imogen knows about their dodgy deals. Forrest returns and tries to force her to tell him what she knows. He chases after her and when she falls to the ground. Desperate, she brandishes a block of wood as Forrest looms menacingly over her.

Nell bites Toadie and Jimmy eventually admits that Nell has been biting him too, but he’s been keeping quiet. Sonya, Toadie and Amy apologise to each other, but Sonya and Toadie realise they have a challenge ahead – how to stop cute little Nell from taking pieces out of people.

An upset Naomi confronts Paul about secretly meeting Mary. He says it was only a business decision as Mary warned him that the partners of the firm holding the conference are close friends of Charles Tranner, and would put the kibosh on the deal. Naomi is half-placated, but then discovers Paul told Amber to suppress photos of them from Paige’s 21st and quits as his assistant.