Will frames Leanne for murder!

At Texas’s memorial, Leanne’s speech is cut short when the police arrive and take her away. Everyone is shocked by her arrest. Will plants Texas’s phone in Leanne’s bag, including the text ‘You bitch, I’m done’, which she sent to Leanne. He smirks as two police officers arrive to search the flat.

Diane is worried about Finn so Tony offers to have a word with the teen. He suggests they have a kick-about, forgetting he has a hospital appointment, so asks Darren to meet Finn instead. But Darren puts his foot in it as usual when talk turns to Finn’s Dad. Finn storms off to meet up with Robbie and the pair gets drunk…

The police arrive and arrest the McQueen girls when they find pills in the office. Dr Browning trawls through CCTV footage from the club to find out who planted the drugs and sees Robbie sneaking into the office.

Also, Doug fails to restrain his anxieties.