As Frank checks Stella’s lifeless body Peter emerges to survey the carnage. Sending him for an ambulance Frank drags Carla into the passenger seat, a desperate plan forming. He’s just finished when the emergency crews arrive. An emotional Leanne goes in the ambulance with Stella as Peter calls Karl. Still at the scene the police question Frank as medics attend to a groggy Carla. At the hospital Stella’s on life support, her injuries critical. But Frank tells a confused Carla he’s prepared to take the rap for her.

As Lloyd and Chris search for Russ they’re horrified to see the crash scene. Fearing the worst Cheryl races over. To their relief Russ is found, but when Cheryl hears he ran off because Lloyd was rowing with Chris, she’s furious.

As Norris reveals what happened inside the butcher’s the boys are relieved to hear Leon has been sent back to jail for breach of parole. As Norris is hailed a hero Tyrone calls Fiz, who is low after having her cell trashed again. But rallied by the news that Leon is back behind bars she decides it’s time to stand up to Ruth.

Also, Becky helps Steve out behind the bar as news of the crash spreads.