Will Frankie come between Esther and Tilly?

Frankie is concerned about how quickly Tilly and Esther’s relationship is progressing and asks Ruby to have a word with Esther so she doesn’t rush into anything.

Sienna makes it clear to Darren that she’s over him, but is she? Later, Nancy comes up with an idea to bring in more punters and turns up at the pub dressed as a Bavarian maid. Darren’s eyes pop out of his head, while spurned Sienna leaves defeated. She bumps into Dr. Browning and asks him to get her some painkillers, intent on bringing down the happy Osborne family once and for all.

Darren is shocked when Nancy climbs into one of Joe’s cars at the garage and starts revving the engine – not normal behavior – and he concludes that she must be back on the pills. He confronts his wife and decides to believe her when she says she’s clean, leaving Sienna frustrated in her efforts.

Sandy is devastated when a bailiff hands her a letter for the garage. She turns to Jack for help. Joe’s overwhelmed and confused when Jack hands him a cheque for £10,000; Carmel returns to the village Carmel returns to the village, scar-free and wearing hot pants and a boob tube – full of confidence.