Frankie and Darren discover Newt has gone missing after seeing Jack. After a fruitless search, they decide to call the police, even if it means revealing the truth about Jack. Lauren swears to a panicking Darren that she has no idea where Newt is, but as soon as he leaves, she finds Newt in the school boiler room.

On edge, Newt is manic, with his alter ego Eli back. Lauren panics when Newt begins to manhandle her, but luckily Darren arrives just in time. Darren manages to talk Newt down and coax him home but when they get there the police have already arrived…

Steph is forced to accept Niall‘s offer to collect Tom from school when she learns Newt has gone missing. She persuades anxious Frankie to come clean about Jack, but just as Frankie is in the middle of confessing to police, Darren walks in with Newt, and Frankie has to hastily avoid arousing further suspicion from the policeman.

Steph is appalled that Frankie has again not told the whole truth and says that if she runs away to Spain, she’ll never see her again.

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