Freddie texts Mercedes from Lindsey’s phone, telling her to meet in The Dog car park. As the rain hammers down on his car, Freddie waits – he’s going to kill her the same way Browning killed Clare. He speeds towards his target but as she looks into the headlights and he sees the fear in her eyes, he knows he can’t do it and swerves to avoid her. However, he hits Jim instead and Grace rushes to the scene to see what went wrong. Freddie orders her to tell him where Joe is, but will he reach him in time?

Back at home, Darren thinks things can now go back to normal but Nancy assures him that she can never trust him not to hurt her again. He surprises her by putting candles in the river and proposing.

Also, Grace determines to bring down anyone that gets in her way; while Fraser gives Freddie a hefty ultimatum.