Dr. Browning and Lindsey are both alarmed to see an injured Freddie rushed into the hospital. Ste is overwhelmed with guilt as the medical staff try to save his accomplice’s life, while Dr. Browning demands to know what happened and why Trevor was at the scene. DS Trent questions Ste at the station and doesn’t buy his story about Freddie being mugged.

Dirk tries to find Dodger, but he’s already gone to see Anna in the psychiatric unit. He pleads with her to say she’s innocent but she just shakes her head.

Patrick and Maxine are back at the flat after their disastrous meal. Patrick makes Maxine very aware of how she made him feel and starts throwing things out of the kitchen cupboards, to Maxine’s shock.

Elsewhere, an oblivious Liberty is elated when she’s offered a recording contract in L.A and, when Trevor pays Freddie a menacing visit, the Roscoes are shaken to the core.