Will Freya or Kevin get the job?

Sparks fly when Freya and Kevin discover they’ve both been promised the only permanent position at The Mill after completing their training and Julia berates both Daniel and Zara who can’t believe the other has made such a promise. Julia orders them to apologise to their proteges – and then keep quiet!

Heston’s brought in to calm things down and tells an irate Freya and Kevin that unfortunately they’ve been misled, but that there is the possibility of one salaried position. Freya and Kevin try to put the competition behind them, but neither can resist a snipe and the claws are soon out – it’s every man for himself from now on.

Julia asks Mrs Tembe and Karen to organise the staff rotas, but with Karen busy talking to Imogen ahead of her court case, Mrs Tembe is left to do the work. When Mrs Tembe finally snaps, Karen reveals that Imogen has been accused of shoplifting – and Mrs Tembe is surprisingly unsympathetic.

Also, a young girl is left traumatised after a routine operation – but is there more at stake than ill health?

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