*Last in the series*

With her wedding just days away, Gabrielle has dinner with Victor and his father, Milton, who urges Victor to run for Governor, much to Gaby’s annoyance. The two end up having a blazing row with Gaby threatening to cancel the wedding. Next morning, Victor turns up with roses – the wedding’s back on! Everyone gets a shock when Bree turns up at the wedding – pregnant!

At the reception, Gaby overhears Milton telling Victor that by marrying her, he’s secured the Latino vote and that all it will take to ‘tame’ her are a few pricey gifts. Gaby leaves without letting on what she’s heard and sneaks into another room to find Carlos drowning his sorrows after his bust-up with Edie. As Carlos ponders over old times, Gaby grabs and kisses him.

When Julie asks pregnant Bree where Danielle is as she hasn’t heard from her, Bree claims that she’s spending a year abroad in Switzerland. Later, Danielle calls from ‘Coventry’ and Bree vows that she’s not coming home until after the baby is born. Bree then removes her stomach padding…

Lynette gets a shock when her estranged mother Stella shows up offering to help her through her chemo for the lymphoma. Lynette wants her to leave until Tom tells her that Stella has the $10,000 they need for the treatment. When Stella asks Lynette if she feels she’s being punished over her ‘affair’ with Rick, Lynette orders her out – she can’t fight both her and the cancer.

When Susan realises that Mike’s advertising himself as a 24-hour plumber in order to finance her dream wedding, she offers to downsize but Mike vows to give her the same wedding Ian would have. Mike then gets another late night call-out, but when he arrives at ‘Mrs Wolcott’s’, he finds Susan waiting for him in a white dress. Susan insists that she wants him more than a lavish wedding, as their ceremony begins.

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