Will Gail be found guilty?

Gail looks terrified as she’s led into the dock. Tina is positive Gail will be found guilty, while a desperate Deirdre hopes Tracy’s false evidence won’t send Gail down. The Platts try to convey a confidence they don’t feel as the jury announce they have reached a verdict on which they all agree. Gail is found not guilty!

Tony‘s reign of terror has reached it’s conclusion as the street reels in the wake of last night’s horror. They watch as two body bags are carried out of Underworld. Taking in the factory’s charred remains Nick contemplates his future.

Gary flirts with Izzy in the Rovers and tests the water, asking if she and Kirk are an item. As she claims it’s none of his business there’s a spark between them, but it’s soon broken by the arrival of Owen. Izzy’s shocked when she spots him and clearly doesn’t want him there, but everyone starts to wonder who the stranger is making waves in the Rovers.

Also, Ches is in the middle of his GCSE exams and trying his best to concentrate, but he seems distracted.