Gail anxiously awaits her court appearance. All of her family attend hoping for her release, although Tina desperately hopes she gets the full blame for Joe’s death.

Molly’s struggling to come to terms with her pregnancy, and decides to move back in to her Dad’s while she weighs up her options. But while she’s packing the rest of her things at No 9 Jackie arrives home and is convinced she is robbing the place. Jackie drags Tyrone home to catch Molly in action, but her plan backfires when Tyrone begs Molly to stay. Throwing Jackie out, he tells Molly that their marriage could still be salvaged.

Nick announces that he and Carla have joined forces after his decision to buy a share in Underworld. Meanwhile, the factory girls are sceptical about Kelly’s claims that she and Nick are an item.

Also, Norris is extremely delighted when he receives a replacement photo from Freda of their competition win.

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