Will Gail go through with the wedding?

As the wedding service grinds to a halt, Michael is devastated so Gail decides to keep quiet and marry the man she loves. Meanwhile, Sarah slips out of the wedding to meet Callum in the Rovers as Bethany gets drunk and causes a scene in the pub. Later, Andy admits to Steph how he thought about leaving but couldn’t as he loves her too much.

When Jenny hears that Jack’s child-minder is going to be out of action for weeks as she’s broken her leg, she secretly phones her employer and quits her job.

As Sinead prepares to leave hospital, it’s clear she’s nervous and Sam offers his moral support.

Cathy’s deeply hurt to think Sharif and Roy were plotting how to take her allotment from her, so Roy orders Sharif to apologise to her. Maria makes a shock decision after hearing about Luke’s violent behaviour towards Andy.