Gail’s in turmoil as David brings Kylie home from hospital. Nick begs her not to dwell on it but Gail can’t resist having a dig at Kylie while she struggles to hold her tongue. When David overhears them rowing he demands to know what’s going on. A defiant Gail challenges Kylie to tell him the truth but soon gets cold feet.

Eric presses Eva for an answer to his proposition, she’s undecided, but after a hellish day at work Eva has a change of heart and decides to accept Eric’s offer to travel round the world with him.

Chesney’s angry when hung-over Katy admits she spent £50 on her night out. But Katy finds solace with her new friend Ryan and is cheered when he thanks her for getting him his first DJ gig.

Also, Jason and Tim set off to Leeds on a job. Faye’s disappointed she won’t see her dad for a week but Anna and Owen are quietly relieved; Jenna warns Lloyd that Mandy’s preparing to take Flash out of hibernation, will Lloyd come clean about her pet’s demise.