David arrives at Kylie’s bedside after her drunken fall in the pub and he’s distraught that she may lose the baby. Kylie regains consciousness and lies to David, telling him she had a few drinks because she was missing him and couldn’t cope alone. As Gail fumes at Kylie’s deceit she suddenly takes a turn for the worse.

Eric’s seen Gloria in her true colours and now turns his attention to Eva. As she pours her heart out to Eric about her bad luck with men and how she’s fed up of being alone, Eric assures her she’ll meet Mr Right very soon.

When Tim presents Faye with a new laptop she’s impressed by his curiosity. Owen’s clearly furious but Anna overrules him and allows Faye to keep it.

Also, when Steph’s DJ lets her down, Katy suggests Ryan does the gig instead and Ryan’s thrilled; Jenna catches Lloyd showing Steve the replacement tortoise he’s bought, but it’s the wrong colour!