Will Gareth be Jade’s hero or zero?

As Howard’s old army mate Gareth learns that girlfriend Jade owes club boss Freddie a few grand, so has to keep stripping to pay him back, Kevin warns Jade about the dangers of leaving the ectopic pregnancy untreated. Meanwhile, Howard discovers there was an incident, confirming his suspicions that Gareth is suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder from his time in Afghanistan. Howard says he’s displaying classic signs of PTSD but Gareth is having none of it.

Meanwhile, Jade confesses her fears to Kevin about what Freddie will do to her if he finds out about the baby. As Kevin leaves, Freddie arrives and quizzes Jade about Gareth, but she denies he’s her boyfriend and says he’s gone back to the army. Gareth goes to see Freddie at the club with money he’s managed to gather so Jade can stop stripping but Freddie laughs in his face. Freddie says five grand will clear Jade’s debt and he will leave her alone… but is he lying?

Jade goes nuts when Gareth tells her about his visit to Freddie, fearing they’re both in major danger now. Back at Howard’s, Gareth cuts eye holes in his ski hat. That night, just as Jade takes to the stage at the club, a masked man burst in and robs the tills. Jade’s horrified when she realises it is Gareth… and Freddie’s enraged when he arrives to find they’ve been robbed.

Also, Karen coos over baby Joe when Zara brings him in to hand him over to Daniel.