Will Garry catch Dawn with Phil?

Minty can’t bring himself to tell Garry that Dawn is cheating on him. Dawn arranges to meet Phil and tells Garry that she’s got to work. Manda encourages Garry to be more spontaneous with Dawn so Garry grabs a rose and hotfoots it to the Vic to see her. When Dawn isn’t behind the bar he calls out to her upstairs and a horrified Dawn scrabbles for her clothes…

Patrick stops a thief from stealing Heather’s bag and as he helps her pick up the spilled contents Patrick sees a letter from the hospital, but Heather lies it’s about her asthma. Patrick tells Shirley that Heather has a hospital appointment and a suspicious Shirley goes to the hospital to find her.

Roxy encourages Jack to spend some time with Amy. Jack turns up to collect Amy and Roxy convinces him to stay for a takeaway. Roxy spills food down Jack’s shirt and Jack accuses her of trying it on again. Jack threatens to get his lawyers involved unless she behaves. A hurt Roxy snaps back that she could stop Jack from seeing his daughter.

Also, Syd asks Bradley to move in, but he lets a homeless Amira take the room; Patrick asks Peggy to arrange an evening out.