Will Gavin kill Phil?

Kathy is at the police station talking to Marsden. After coming clean about everything that’s happened, she reveals that Gavin has Phil held hostage. Unconvinced, Marsden pays a visit to the Mitchells’, soon realising Kathy is telling the truth. Meanwhile, Ian has been forced to tell Ben that Kathy has gone.

When Ben insists Kathy is telling the truth about Phil, Ian finds Kathy’s phone, making a call to Gavin. Realising Kathy has revealed his plan, Gavin turns on Phil. After Kathy reveals she knows where Gavin might be, she heads to the house with the police but by the time they arrive Gavin has gone. Kathy and Marsden are shocked to find an empty room with blood all over the walls…

Abi is worried about a hungover Ben, trying to get to the bottom of what’s bothering him. Where Abi has little success, Paul doesn’t fare any better when he later asks Ben what’s going on.

Also, Pam makes a drastic decision now she knows the truth about Les.