Will Gaz corrupt Seth?

Gaz is angry after Heidi rejects his advances and when Seth asks him for some dodgy steroids, he agrees. But he warns Seth that he doesn’t know what’s in them and they could be dangerous.

It’s the day off Jason and Seth’s birthday but all doesn’t go as planned. Seth is frustrated when he realizes that Ruby and Esther have put a video of him on Ruby’s blog being dumped by Esther. When Jason intervenes and throws the camera away, Seth snaps and insults him. Then Jason throws a punch and Carl stops the party.

Warren talks to Pete who indicates that he wants revenge on Brendan. Warren has cottoned on to Brendan’s awkwardness around Pete and questions if it was him that put Pete in the wheelchair. It’s clear from his reaction that Warren’s hit a nerve. So he sets out to discover Brendan’s dark secret – the net is closing in.

Also; Heidi tells Gaz that their fling was just a one off and she won’t be making that mistake again; Leanne continues to try and win Lee back.

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