Will Gem spill Kate and Kyle’s secret?

Kyle suggests Georgia take some time off from wedding plans to go house hunting. She agrees and he reveals his surprise – he’s arranged to rent No 24. Georgia gleefully agrees and she and Kyle break the news to Gem that they don’t want her to move in with them. Gem seems to take it well but is actually hurting. She decides to buy a bridesmaid’s dress that overshadows Georgia. Georgia loses it and tells her to return the dress.

Gem prints off the email from Kate to Kyle and is unsure what to do with it. Bailey seeks reassurance they won’t get caught, an exchange seen by Kate who warns Gem to be careful. Gem pre-empts Kate’s dobbing her in by going to Susan and saying Bailey is harassing her, suggesting he change teachers. Susan arranges this to Bailey’s distress.

Later, when Gem turns up at the engagement party, she tells Georgia there are no hard feelings. However she slips the email from Kate to Kyle into a pile of emails being read out by Georgia and Kyle. Georgia reads out the email and the secret is exposed.