Geoff is hopeful when he learns a big selector is coming that evening to watch him play football, and there could be a potential place for Geoff in next year’s under 19s team. Meanwhile, Lucas is also hoping for success, being a few chapters away from completing his book.

However, things go wrong when a disc containing some of Lucas’s work accidentally ends up in Geoff’s footy bag. Geoff eventually finds it in his bag, but not before the disk is broken beyond repair. Lucas is furious and throws Geoff’s ball away in anger. Geoff goes to retrieve it, but is run down by Brad’s car. Geoff is left lying on the ground in agony.

Sally is dismayed when Ric leaves town. Her mood lifts when she discovers Brad has unexpectedly returned, but is upset when he makes it clear he’s still angry with her and doesn’t want a reconciliation. Later, Sally tries to talk to Brad after learning some of his students have noticed his bad mood, but they end up having a heated row. Despite Sally apologising to Brad and reaffirming her love for him, he refuses to back down and storms out.