Will Georgia’s operation be a success?

It’s the day of Georgia’s surgery and despite her nerves it goes ahead as planned. All seems to go well, until in recovery, Georgia has a worrying reaction.

When Terese goes to Matt to press him for a result on Paige’s charges for trashing Harold’s, she’s surprised as he cautions her to think about letting it go.  Meanwhile, faced with Brad’s continuing secrecy, Terese confronts him and promising to be honest with each other, Terese and Brad finally find some happy ground. Later, Terese withdraws the complaint against Paige.

Amber asks Paige to help steal Hermione back. But Imogen is incensed and the whole thing comes to a head when she strikes back, calling in the wreckers to settle this once and for all. Amber finally caves and agrees to sell her share to Imogen. A victory seemingly hollow as Imogen smarts at Paige and Amber’s growing bond.