Will gets a result

After making arrests at a known drugs hot spot, Inspector Rachel Weston and Pc Leon Taylor get back into the patrol car and are horrified when Clinton Andrews collapses on the bonnet covered in blood – he’s been stabbed. The investigation leads Pc Will Fletcher to brothers Marcus and Danny Stepney – but they both deny knowing Clinton.

Eventually, Danny admits that he’d met up with Clinton to buy drugs from him and says he’d already been stabbed. The case takes a turn when Marcus admits to the stabbing, telling the officers he was trying to save Danny from drugs. Elsewhere, Leon calls to a break-in – but occupant Kim Perry insists she doesn’t want to press charges.

Kim’s angry that the police didn’t help when she was mugged at knifepoint a few months earlier, so Leon vows to help.

Rachel and Leon soon learn that Kim is Marcus and Danny’s mother, and pass the information onto Will, who talks to Kim and learns more about what happened to Clinton.

At the end of the day, an impressed DI Neil Manson calls Will into his office and makes him a very interesting offer.