After promising Cherry he’ll tell Will it’s over, Simon arrives at Will’s house to find Will’s wife Sophie and son Ben leaving. Will fears Simon’s been seen but invites him in anyway. When Simon reveals he’s come to break up with him, Will says he can’t live without him. Later, Sophie returns with Ben to find Simon and Will in a compromising clinch on the sofa.

Jimmi tries to find out from Zara what happened at the casino but she gives little away. Daniel tells Zara that he’d have done the same again but later admits he’s blown it. Later, Daniel finds a Gamblers Anonymous meeting, but before he goes, Zara hands him his £40,000 in chips… she never placed the bet! Daniel’s relieved but still attends the meeting.

Meanwhile, at the police station, there’s love in the air for Jimmi when his methadone addict patient tries to play matchmaker.

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