Nurse Carol Cassidy visits elderly patient, Elsie Gray, only to find Dr Thomas already there, prescribing new painkillers. Carol notices that Elsie is in pain but Dr Thomas insists the new drugs will help her. Dr Thomas seems to have Elsie’s best interests at heart – but then Elsie’s daughter Thelma calls to say her mother has died…

At the Aidensfield Arms, Oscar worries that pregnant Gina has been overdoing it and Gina later informs Carol she’s been bleeding. While Carol is upstairs with Gina, Joe overhears Dawn talking about Elsie, but before he can tell Carol, the nurse leaves with Gina in an ambulance. At the hospital, Gina sees a consultant. With just five weeks until the baby’s due, will Gina be OK?

Later, Carol is shocked to hear about Elsie’s death. Carol suspects Elsie suffered a stroke but when she learns that Dr Thomas has ruled out natural causes her suspicions are raised. Was Carol right to question Dr Thomas?

Elsewhere, Peggy finds rubbish dumped on her doorstep, which seems to have come from Heston House. The owner, Mr Carruthers, says he has no idea how it got there – but David soon finds evidence that could expose the real culprit.

Also, Wetherby and Ventress convince Pc Younger that he could be in with a chance of romance with Dawn.