Will Glenda get rid of Danny?

Roxy and Ronnie are left not knowing what to think when Danny insists he is Archie’s son and Glenda is lying. Glenda is equally insistent that Danny is the product of an affair and he knows it. Glenda tells Danny to show the girls his driving licence if she’s a liar and he claims he’s lost it. A disgusted Roxy tells Danny to get out. Glenda also packs to leave but Roxy and Ronnie tell her they want her to stay.

Peggy is less than impressed to hear her archenemy is moving in. Her day gets worse when Phil confesses that Ben is due in Crown Court and may face prison. Charlie has returned Peggy’s old licensee plate for the Vic and Peggy remembers the good old days when she was landlady. Peggy gets back some of her Mitchell spark and resolves that she won’t rest until she has her pub back.

Janine has stolen Charlie’s lost betting slip and cashed it in. Ryan is angry and takes the money to the Slaters’. Stacey is grateful for Ryan’s honesty and thanks him for bringing the money back. Ryan gives Janine a wad of cash and says she’s won – he’s had enough of the bet.

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