Grace and Trevor have decided to leave for good. Trevor is relieved when they get as far as the airport, but when Grace gets a call from her dad telling her that he loves her and he’s going to hand himself in, she feels she needs to go back. Trevor makes her choose, him or Fraser?

Robbie unscrews the ‘Alan Roscoe’ plaque at the garage and recovers the account book. Freddie returns home with the book and Sandy is in disbelief when her husband’s secret life is uncovered.

Patrick returns home, furious that his son was alone in the flat with Maxine. He picks up a belt, ready to hit Maxine and she is forced to tell him that she’s pregnant. Although he knows the baby is his, Patrick lets Maxine go on thinking that he’s doing her a favour by letting her keep the baby. However, Maxine finds his test results and knows he’s lying to her. She confronts her fiancé and Patrick tells her that he lied about the man in The Loft. Maxine’s furious and starts to pack her suitcase.

Sonny tells Lindsey that he’s expecting Katy’s post mortem results soon and if there’s anything she thinks she could have overlooked, she’d be wise to flag it up now.