Tegan and Grace end up in a deserted car park and Grace gives Tegan a train ticket and offers her a flat in London, as long as she’s far from here. Tegan refuses the offer so Grace resorts to plan B and takes Tegan to the cliff edge. Trevor manages to talk Grace down and Tegan escapes.

Sienna runs into the village and hands Rose back to her mother, before being arrested. Tom reveals to Nancy that him and Peri set Sienna up! Nancy tells Tom to go to the police and the teen agrees, as long as Peri is kept out of this. Tom is let off with a caution and Sienna is released.

Blessing has another trial at The Hutch, but Frankie suggests her and Jack have a date night there, unaware Blessing has a shift. The waitress continues to compliment Jack but Frankie has had enough and throws her food over Blessing.

Blessing tells Frankie that she’s been paid to flirt with Jack – humiliating the landlord, again! Tony fires Blessing and gives her one of Trevor’s bottles of wine as compensation. Back at The Dog, Frankie can’t bear to hurt Jack anymore and decides to end their relationship.