Will Grace win custody of baby Curtis?

Trevor, Grace, Frankie and Jack anxiously wait for the custody hearing for baby Curtis to begin. Grace and Trevor can’t believe it when they’re granted custody of Curtis.

Dr S’Avage and Leela reassure Peri that everything’s fine with the baby. Peri doesn’t want to speak to Tom when he turns up at the hospital and Leela pushes for answers; she’s shocked when Peri tells her about the drugs. Leela storms into The Dog and confronts Tom in front of Frankie and Jack. When Tom reveals he got the drugs from Dylan, Frankie gets an idea to tip off child protection services about there being drugs at Trevor’s flat…

Holly is horrified when she wakes up in Robbie’s arms. Meanwhile, Jason signs his statement blaming Robbie for his accident and Ben arrives at the Roscoes’ to arrest Robbie. He gives Robbie an ultimatum – he’ll let him go free if he gets evidence that Trevor killed Carly. Robbie turns him down but Ben’s not taking ‘no’ for an answer and threatens to tell Jason that Robbie slept with Holly. Eventually, Robbie gives in.

Also, Sinead’s still suspicious of Scott, but Ste won’t hear a bad word against him. They return to the flat to see Scott on roller skates dressed in short shorts and a tight t-shirt, practising to be a roller-waiter. Later, Sinead spots an intimate moment between Ste and Scott and thinks Ste fancies her cousin.