Since the incident where his childhood friend Andy threatened to jump off the hospital roof, Greg’s turned into Holby’s resident womaniser. Sensing that he’s struggling to deal with events from his past, Sahira tries to talk to Greg, hoping he’ll admit he has a problem.

Later, when Sahira urges Greg to talk to someone, saying she overheard him on the roof telling Andy he had been sexually abused by their football coach too, Greg warns her to drop it or regret it!

To try and make Greg face his fears, Sahira goes behind his back to set up an appointment with Occupational Health. He sees the therapist, but he’s furious with Sahira, who insists she’s only trying to help a friend. Later, Greg realises that by denying there’s a problem, he could be making it worse. But is he ready to open up to Sahira?

Meanwhile, Chantelle is convinced she can reconcile Elizabeth and her mother before Simone is transferred to the Psych ward. But when she underestimates the extent of Simone’s illness she is forced to realise that she can’t fix everything.

Also, when Frieda is scheduled to assist Michael in surgery, Lulu is determined to fight her for the opportunity. But will she get away with her risky strategy?