Will guilty Gavin come clean to Michael?

Gavin’s consumed with guilt as he visits Michael in hospital. Meanwhile, at Michael’s bedside, Gail tells him she can’t imagine life without him and suggests they get married as soon as they can.

Katy finds out that Faye’s being bullied as the girls say she’s fat. Meanwhile, Anna and Owen quiz Craig and, under pressure, he reveals she’s bunking off because she’s being bullied. As Anna, Owen, Katy and Izzy discuss Faye’s situation, they’re interrupted by at knock at the door. Owen answers it and is horrified to find his ex-wife Linda on the doorstep!

As Ken and Liz make plans for Amy’s birthday party, they agree that a family get-together will be good for Steve. Steve presents a delighted Amy with a pair of roller boots. But when Steve and Michelle suggest it’s time they set off for her birthday meal, Amy refuses to go.

Sally’s horrified when one of Sharif’s chickens escapes into her garden.