Will Hannah and Justin finally get together?

Hannah gets a lift to the hospital with Ash to get her cast removed. Ash begs Hannah to give him a second chance and she waivers – until he reveals that he cancelled Justin‘s beer delivery for his McFly gig at the bar. Hannah realises that it’s Justin she wants and she heads to the SU bar to tell him and after a misunderstanding the couple finally share a kiss under the stars, as McFly play inside.

Carmel feels terrible about getting the police involved in Calvin‘s sting and ruining everything. Carmel is incensed when she sees Warren strolling through the village with Sasha, who seems unruffled about finding out he’s a killer. Carmel attacks Warren and Sasha has to pull her off. Calvin intervenes and takes her home to comfort her.

Cindy is less than happy about Darren’s new portaloo scheme but Darren is determined to prove to his dad that he’s not a waste of space. An irritated Cindy calls Environmental Health and the council tow away the portaloos. Darren is furious when he realises that Cindy dobbed him in and he locks her in one of the portaloos and as the portaloo is towed away Cindy ends up covered in sewage!

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