Andy speaks to Mitch about the last time he saw Oscar and leads Hannah, Zac, Nate and Leah to the bush track where Oscar was seen last. Andy finds him unconscious. Oscar finally comes round when he’s back at the Farm House and tells Hannah he’s being overdoing things, as his appearance is the only he can control. Later, Andy accepts Cody’s offer of a drug deal.

Brax arrives home with a cot and, feeling pressured, Ricky isn’t pleased. Brax asks Ricky if she’s having second thoughts about starting a family? She explains she doesn’t want their unborn child to take over their lives… well, not yet!

Sophie confides in Ricky about Nate being distant. At first, she wonders if she’s being paranoid. But after Nate stands her up on a date, then arrives late for dinner and full of excuses, Sophie is angry and unwilling to put up with his behaviour.

Also, Leah realises her feelings for Zac are out of control when she becomes jealous after seeing him and Hannah together. She decides to offer Zac the spare room.