Hannah is touched when Oscar, Josh and Andy come round to cook and clean – they’re on a mission to get the house ready for her return after the operation. The next morning, Hannah arrives at the hospital and Chris waits anxiously as she undergoes the procedure. Later, Hannah returns from surgery and she seems to be fine until she starts gasping for air. Chris is quickly removed from room as doctors discover she’s had an anaphylactic shock from the pain relief medicine.

With the support from Kyle, Isla gets a warm welcome from her daughters Lulu and Florence when they visit with their father Harry. But when the visit comes to an end, Isla is left distraught as she waves goodbye to her children.

Later, Isla takes a trip to the shops, but after being gone for some time, Kyle begins to worry. Suddenly there is a frantic knock at the door. It’s Harry and he furiously tells Kyle that Isla has kidnapped their daughters!