Will Hardy betray the brotherhood?

After discovering that the victim of a stabbing, Sean, is a member of the Sken gang, Pc Lewis Hardy is surprised to bump into estranged cousin Dominic Hardy. Lewis asks Dominic if he is still involved with the Sken Massive and, in turn, connected with the crime.

Dominic denies any involvement and DS Phil Hunter and DC Jo Masters take control of the case. Over at St Hugh’s hospital, Lewis finds a threatening text message on Sean’s phone demanding money and sees that it’s signed off ‘DH’. Lewis is determined to uncover the truth – even if it means bending the rules…

Meanwhile, Pcs Diane Noble and Will Fletcher get a shock when a car they are pursuing knocks a boy off his bike, killing him. When they link the car registration to Supt John Heaton’s nemesis Ray Moore, they pass the information onto Heaton.

Later, one of Ray’s known associates goes missing – and Heaton is most certain that Ray has killed him.