Will Harriet reveal her feelings to Ashley? (VIDEO)

*First episode*

When Ashley talks about his date with Carole and says how great it went, Harriet can’t help but feel sad that she’s not the woman he’s raving about! Later, Bob reveals that he’s noticed there’s a great chemistry between Ashley and Harriet. Ashley’s shocked but is urged by Bob to speak to Harriet. Will she tell him how she truly feels? Or will she continue to pretend she hasn’t got feelings for Ashley?

As Finn chats to Brad in the pub, Victoria and James are pleased to see he’s met a guy and both totally unaware of the danger he is in because Brad has slipped the date rape drug rohypnol into Finn’s drink! When Finn feels woozy, Brad takes him out of the pub for some fresh air but as soon as they are outside Brad bundles Finn into his car and drives off. Finn is out cold when Brad drives the car into a barn. Leaving the engine running, Brad runs off as the barn begins to fill with toxic fumes…

Meanwhile, Charity is keeping an eye on Sam’s new girlfriend, Tracy, because she’s convinced she’s taking him for a fool. When Tracy once again tries to manipulate Sam, she’s caught red-handed by Charity who tells her to do one!