Will Harry come clean?

As Ste recovers from his beating, Kyle and Aiden recruit Harry into the football team in exchange for his silence. Sinead is alarmed when Ste leaves the hospital and ends up at the school, where he threatens Harry to tell him who beat him up. Harry begs Ste to believe it wasn’t him, but won’t reveal who the guilty parties are. Back at the hospital, Ste tells Sinead about Harry and she calls the police. Harry’s questioned but, under pressure from Kyle and Aiden, what will he say?

Meanwhile, Lockie promises Porsche he will get Diane’s money, and tricks Diane into thinking he’s going to a restaurant seminar but then secretly pockets the cash for the course. Will Diane wise up before it’s too late?

Also, Dylan gets released with a caution after stealing the dress. Later, Trevor finds a lacy bra in Dylan’s bag, will he discover Dylan’s secret.