As Harry decides not to make Ruth’s diary public, Toby returns to Holby. Marilyn welcomes him back and tells him that Ruth’s orthopaedic surgical rotation is available and that he should go for it. Meanwhile, a pregnant woman and her daughter are brought to A & E after being involved in a car accident. Toby bonds with the little girl but when she deteriorates, he’s forced to do an intubation, unaided. Harry praises Toby’s efforts and encourages him to go for the orthopaedic rotation. Later, Harry worries that the pressure could get to Toby like it did Ruth, and decides to release her diary despite Marilyn’s threats. Also, Jeff treats Petra who complains when he makes a series of inappropriate remarks towards her. Jeff tries to apologise to Petra but when he calls her ‘treacle’ she accuses him of being racist. And new ambulance technician, Curtis, arrives at the A & E.