Will has a shaky start in CID

Pc Will Fletcher’s first day in CID gets off to a shaky start when DC Terry Perkins teases him about his suit. But he soon gets to work trying to find the supplier of a stun gun, which was dropped by a man, Barney Hussein, as he was being pursued by Pc Nate Roberts, after he caught him standing over an unconscious Paula Merrick.

Meanwhile, DI Samantha Nixon heads to St Hughs’ with DC Jacob Banks to tell Paula that it looks like she was raped. At first Paula claims not to remember anything but she eventually admits that she had been out alone the night before and had flirted with stripper Tom Norris before going back to his house.

Paula reveals that, when Tom started being pushy, she fled and says she remembers later being attacked by someone in the alley. Samantha and Banksy arrest Tom during his strip tease for a group of screaming women, and although they are forced to release him, Sam is convinced there’s a lot more to him than meets the eye.

Later, Matt Rushton is identified as the supplier of the stun gun, and Terry decides to let Will lead his first interview as a Trainee DC, and he’s suitably impressed.

VIDEO: Watch a clip from this episode of The Bill.