Will Hayley back up Brax?

Charlie and Watson are still investigating whether Brax was involved in the petrol station robbery. The two police officers search Brax’s house and find a jacket similar to the one worn by the getaway driver. They bring him in for questioning. Brax uses Hayley the barrister as his alibi, but when she denies he was with her, Watson and Charlie argue over Brax’s guilt.

Brax meets up with Benji and threatens him, demanding more information about the robbery. Brax catches Hayley as she is about to leave town and she informs him of the false statement she has made, which leaves Brax without a credible alibi. Brax tells Charlie that Jake set him up for the robbery, but Watson succeeds in having her removed from the case.

Miles is worried about all the kids doing their HSC; they’re all stressed about it. He speaks to Gina and then has a talk with Ruby, to encourage her to find inner strength to get through the exams. Miles then arranges for all the kids to perform Tai Chi on the beach to help them find their focus.

Leah is struggling to deal with her anger towards Miles since their split and seeks advice from Elijah.