Will Hayley find peace with Christian?

Flustered and making no mention of her illness, Hayley tells Christian that following a family bereavement she felt the need to get in touch. Christian is clearly saddened by how they left things last time and is appalled by his behaviour. But as he tells Hayley about his own family she finally realises she can let go of the past.

Michelle’s fed up after her row with Carla and another run in with Ryan over his casual attitude to life. Feeling for Michelle, Steve is desperate to cheer her up and when he has a brainwave he asks Stella for a word. Meanwhile, Carla pleads with Peter not to let her down now as she’s now fallen out with her best friend for him.

As David tells Leanne he was trying to plant happy memories in Nick’s subconscious, she is clearly suspicious. Later, Nick comes round and locks eyes with David, what will he remember? Meanwhile, Kylie’s furious that David missed their appointment with the vicar and lets rip at him. His head a whirring mass of emotions, David snaps.

Also, Tim asks Jason to lie to Sally for him. Unimpressed by his childish efforts to avoid Sally Jason refuses; Katy asks Owen for a job at the yard.